Professional Empowerment for Practitioners




SAACMA offers Professional Empowerment to Practitioners

The SA Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (SAACMA) is a professional organisation - established by registered practitioners for registered practitioners.

In November 2011, SAACMA was established as a non-profit organisation that strives to benefit the professional aspects of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practitioners in SA. The founding meeting on 23 November 2011 was attended by 20 registered practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – the current membership stands at about 100. The Association's main objective is to be of service to our members and to help them understand what is required by law, and what we can do to promote Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in South Africa.

SAACMA Membership is voluntary. There is no Law that requires registered practitioners to be members of an association and no registered practitioner can be forced to take up membership with SAACMA. Our members have chosen join the Association because SAACMA supplies its members with essential professional information and SAACMA creates regular opportunities for members to accrue CPD points.

SAACMA communicates with AHPCSA, but is not part of AHPCSA.

AHPCSA is a COUNCIL for Allied Health Professions, established at Government level.

The AHPCSA keeps a register of practitioners in the field of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as other Allied Health Professions in South Africa. In other words, if you want to practice within the law, you have to be registered and follow the professional conduct as described in Regulations, Codes and Guidelines available at

 Only the AHPCSA has the power to de-register a practitioner on its registers - for instance, due to non-payment of registration fees or insufficient proof of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits (CEUs).

The role of AHPCSA and the role of Associations