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Conditions Treated

Which conditions can be treated by Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine?

It is perhaps better to ask which conditions cannot be treated by Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Obviously if you are involved in a serious car accident you should go straight to hospital. It is also true that some conditions benefit from an integrated approach, not one or the other exclusively.

In summary, the following groups of illnesses can be treated: neurological and musculo-skeletal;  gastro-intestinal; respiratory; cardiovascular; gynaecological disorders; ear, nose and throat problems; psycho-emotional problems; endocrine and metabolic disorders; urological conditions.

You will need to ask your practitioner about your specific condition, but remember that traditional Chinese medicine does not compartmentalise illnesses in the way that Western orthodox medicine does. For example, to treat sinusitis, traditional Chinese medicine will not focus purely on your sinuses and allergies understood in terms of antibody/immunoglobulin E responses. It will find your body's imbalances, excesses and weaknesses and necessarily address those in the treatment of sinusitis.

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